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The revolutionary joint support
and treatment formula

got pain?
  • Joint pain? Knee Pain? Back Pain?
  • Suffer from Stiffness or Arthritis?
  • Want relief in as little as 7 days?

We’ve got the solution
OilCan Joint Lubricant

OilCan offers ideal nutritional support for joints, providing achy joints the nutrition they need to repair, stay lubricated, rid fluid that results in swelling, move freely, and function at their best. Benefits:

  • Gives the body the essential building blocks and nutrients for joint repair.
  • Reduces free radicals and inflammation which should lessen wear and tear on the joints and in-between spinal vertebrae.
  • Reduces the potential for the body to attack its own joint tissue.
  • Joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and synovial fluid (for joint lubrication) undergo a continuous but slow turnover and remodeling process. This is affected by many physiological factors such as diet, supplements, activity, stress, gut health, allergies, immune status, infections, aging, hormones, toxic load and/or various medications. The continuous repair of joints and tissue depends on these nutrients: glucosamine, sulfur (MSM), hyaluronic acid, copper and vitamin C for collagen synthesis (found in tendons, cartilage, ligaments). Exercise should be emphasized because it improves blood and lymph circulation, which enables the nutrients to reach the target tissue more effectively.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is Oilcan?

    A: Oilcan™ is a revolutionary joint health product that has been scientifically formulated to help relieve stiff, achy joint and support cartilage repair.

    Q: How was it developed?

    A: The founder of the company had joint pains and felts like nothing worked. So he developed Oilcan™ after testing hundreds of products and ways to live pain free.

    Q: What is in Oilcan?

    A: Oilcan™ contains a safe, proprietary blend of safe and all-natural ingredients that have been tested to provide safe joint pain relief.

    Q: I have tried other products how is yours different?

    A: There is no magic fix for joint pains. You must try different thing and find the ones that work for you. We hope you can benefit from our product trial and error. Save yourself some time and money and try Oilcan and benefit from our years of trying different pain-relieving solutions.

    Q: How many tablets are in a bottle of Oilcan?

    A: Each bottle of Oilcan™ contains 60 Tablets.

    Q: How much should I take a day?

    A: Our recommended dosage is to take 2 Oilcan™ tablets daily with a full glass of water. If your pain level requires more than increase to 4 per day until you get the desired effect. Then reduce to a normal level of 2 per day.

    Q: Is Oilcan guaranteed?

    A: Oilcan™ comes with a 100% guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with Oilcan, simply return the package within 30 days from the date of your order and receive a full refund. Simply request a return authorization by calling 800-296-1260.

    Q: How long will it take for me to see results with Oilcan?

    A: You should feel results within a 7 to 30-day window.

    Q: Can I take Oilcan with other medications?

    A: Oilcan™ is made from ingredients that are deemed safe. * But, as with any supplements, you should consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product especially if you are taking any medications, have food allergies, or if you have any medical conditions.

    Q: Where is Oilcan made?

    A:  Oilcan™ is manufactured in the United States.

    Q: What happens if I discontinue Oilcan?

    A: For best long term results you should maintain Oilcan™ on a long-term basis.

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    Q: What name will show up on my Credit Card statement?

    A: Credit card charges will appear on your statement as “Airtime Media.”

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