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The revolutionary joint support
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  • Joint pain? Knee Pain? Back Pain?
  • Suffer from Stiffness or Arthritis?
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OilCan Joint Lubricant

OilCan offers ideal nutritional support for joints, providing achy joints the nutrition they need to repair, stay lubricated, rid fluid that results in swelling, move freely, and function at their best. Benefits:

  • Gives the body the essential building blocks and nutrients for joint repair.
  • Reduces free radicals and inflammation which should lessen wear and tear on the joints and in-between spinal vertebrae.
  • Reduces the potential for the body to attack its own joint tissue.
  • Joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and synovial fluid (for joint lubrication) undergo a continuous but slow turnover and remodeling process. This is affected by many physiological factors such as diet, supplements, activity, stress, gut health, allergies, immune status, infections, aging, hormones, toxic load and/or various medications. The continuous repair of joints and tissue depends on these nutrients: glucosamine, sulfur (MSM), hyaluronic acid, copper and vitamin C for collagen synthesis (found in tendons, cartilage, ligaments). Exercise should be emphasized because it improves blood and lymph circulation, which enables the nutrients to reach the target tissue more effectively.

    The Science – How Oilcan Works

    Aging well isn’t about how you look in the mirror…it’s about how you feel inside. And one thing that can make you feel old well before your time is aching, stiff, swollen joints. When even simple movements like bending over, crouching down, or climbing stairs are uncomfortable or excruciating, it can take every bit of enjoyment out of life’s simple pleasures.

    Osteoarthritis is perhaps the most common cause of joint pain, and there are a myriad of treatments designed to relieve soreness in the knees, wrists, shoulders, elbows, and other joints that make movement possible…

    What you’ve read so far about Oilcan has likely piqued your interest. There are stories from fellow osteoarthritis sufferers who vastly improved their joint mobility by taking Oilcan, and the benefits users can expect are clearly outlined on the site. Still, there is one crucial question: “How does Oilcan work?”

    Oilcan represents a revolutionary, complete, and 100% natural approach to addressing all the major symptoms of osteoarthritis!

    With Oilcan, you don’t have to put your health at risk or put up with side effects just to find some relief from osteoarthritis stiffness and pain*…all of the highly effective key ingredients are found in the body or in nature. The makers of Oilcan combined these extracts in their optimal amounts and concentrations to ensure they will work synergistically and provide remarkable results!*

    The unique Oilcan formulation works in four key ways in the body to deliver immediate and long-term reductions in pain and improvements in joint mobility:

    • Rebuilds and repairs damaged joints*
    • Lubricates stiff joints*
    • Enhances flexibility and range of motion*
    • Fights joint pain and inflammation*

    How Can Oilcan Repair Joints That Are Already Damaged?

    The joints in the human body are constantly subjected to stress. Over time, this stress results in structural damage that can compromise mobility and cause pain. When it comes to this wear and tear, many might assume that “what’s done is done.” In recent years, however, the opposite has been suggested: there are compounds that may actually help rebuild joints and reverse tissue destruction.

    Oilcan contains high concentrations of both glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. Of all the natural compounds thought to have a favorable effect on osteoarthritis symptoms, these are the ones that have probably been studied most extensively. It’s suggested that glucosamine can stimulate the rebuilding of eroded cartilage and slow cartilage degradation, while chondroitin can slow the progression of osteoarthritis.

    Even rigorous scientific studies have confirmed the favorable effect of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate on osteoarthritis-related symptoms. One study conducted on individuals suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee found that those given glucosamine sulfate showed improvements of between 20 and 25 percent. The scientists who conducted the study concluded that using glucosamine sulfate long term can slow the course of the disease. Other studies have shown that a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate provided pain relief that was “statistically significant” when taken by those with moderate to severe discomfort

    Lubrication Is Essential For Properly Functioning Joints

    For joints to remain flexible and move through their entire range of motion without discomfort, joint cartilage needs lubrication. This is provided by the synovial fluid in the surrounding joint cavity, which permits friction-free joint movement.

    The joints of individuals with osteoarthritis often aren’t adequately lubricated. Friction in the joints results, which can make movement painful, cause stiffness, and reduce joint flexibility.

    Oilcan’s proprietary blend contains hyaluronic acid, which is an essential component of the synovial fluid that lubricates and cushions the joints, helps with shock absorption, and keeps pain and inflammation at bay.* One study on hyaluronic acid examined the effect of oral supplementation on those with osteoarthritis of the knee. Scientists found that those who took hyaluronic acid showed statistically significant improvements in pain, stiffness, and overall physical functioning after several weeks.

    Oilcan Will Help Today!

    Aches and swelling in the joints are probably the most apparent effects of osteoarthritis, and there is no doubt they can significantly reduce sufferers’ quality of life.

    Oilcan contains ingredients to address the common underlying causes of joint discomfort discussed above, but it also has extracts that can provide powerful pain relief.* One of these is MSM. In a double-blind clinical trial, osteoarthritis sufferers who took MSM for 12 weeks showed significant reductions in pain and improvements in physical function. Individuals given MSM were also better able to perform activities of daily living. Finally, researchers noted that no adverse effects caused by taking MSM were observed.

    Oilcan also contains a trio of ingredients-bromelain, rutin, and trypsin-that are collectively known as Phlogenzym. When taken together, they are very effective at treating arthritis-related pain. One study even found that Phlogenzym can relieve discomfort as well as diclofenac, a prescription NSAID. Additional benefits observed by scientists included less swelling in the joints and improved range of motion.

    There’s little doubt that Oilcan is a desirable alternative to over-the-counter medications that mask pain but do nothing to address its root cause.* Injections and prescription drugs? The list of side effects for these treatments is lengthy and scary! Other natural joint supplements? Many contain just two or three of the 11 key ingredients in Oilcan…

    Your search for the most complete, most effective joint product available today ends here! With Oilcan, you can lubricate your joints to keep them moving freely, alleviate aches and swelling, and fix joint damage*…all of which can add up to better overall joint mobility and a body that acts and feels as young as you do!*